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Bles Wold Dairy, Lacombe, Alberta – 270 cows milking

Owners Hennie Bos and Tinnie Eilers were intrigued by the idea of Fleckvieh when I first met them. Fortunately, they were planning a trip to Holland shortly after my first visit. Hennie then went on to see a dairy in Germany that had used Fleckvieh on his Holstein herd for 15 years. This was enough to convince him to switch his registerd Holstein herd to breeding with Fleckvieh. ‘I saw dairy farms over there that are achieving the same types of production targets that I have – without near the costs of animal health and problems gettting cows pregnant’. Bles Wold has had a lot of F1 crosses freshen. The 1st lactation animals have been averaging 30 to 32 kg (66 to 70 lbs) at 3.8% fat and 3.3% protein and much lower cell counts. Because they also direct market yogurt from the milk they produce they like the breed for milk quality – more CLA and Omega 3 and 6 fat.