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Primrose Farm, Big Valley, Alberta – 115 cows milking – Now In PEI

As the first farm to start with Fleckvieh in Alberta, it appears that the Primrose family may be the first to ship the last Holstein off their farm and milk only Fleckvieh crosses. Cornel and Cremona looked for a healthier cow with more longevity than was offered by the dairy cows they started their dairy with. They were fortunate to read an article about a farmer using Fleckvieh in Manitoba. They jumped in with both feet – ordered their first semen – and have not looked back since. The Primroses have seen a dramatic improvement in fertility – specifically when breeding F1 crosses. Further to that – they have seen a significant reduction in veterinary / animal health costs and improved components.

The Primroses also marketed products from their dairy directly to the public. Many value added ideas. They have moved to Prince Edward Island and took their favourite cows out there with them. They continue to do direct farm marketing.