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Holstein *Fleckvieh sired by Hippo

Big Bear Genetics & Bavarian Fleckvieh – Crossbreeding Dairy Cows

Our Goal is to help develop strong healthy cows with longevity that are easy to breed and provide a consistent income to the dairy farmer.

Working with the best of Bavarian Fleckvieh for crossbreeding in dairy herds since 2000, we have the most experience to offer in North America for successful breeding programs.

Bavarian Fleckvieh – specifically in Upper and Lower Bavaria have the qualities many dairies are looking for. A breeding population of well over 2 million cows in Germany with an inbreeding coefficient of 1.8% and 17 different blood lines selected with emphasis on fitness.

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Grass based dairying

    Determining which type of cow is most suited for grass-only-dairying can be a daunting task.  I spent several years studying the performance of cattle on pasture with high percentages of legumes at...

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Waldhoer – a universal calving ease sire

It is not often that you get a sire that has consistent ease of calving in both pure and crossbreeding in heifers.  Not only that, but Waldhoer daughters are proving to be fertile animals,...

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