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A2A2 Milk – Fleckvieh Dairy Cows and Crossbred Cows have a higher frequency

More and more disussion specifice to this topic is occuring.  Apparrently the highest incidence of A2A2 milk occurs in the Guernsey breed, followed by the Fleckvieh breed.  A large number of Fleckvieh sires have the A1A2 gene.  There are also a good number of bulls with the A2A2 gene.  Some of these are Holzmichl, Isengard, Haertsfeld, Narr, Samuel and Zasport.

Milk quality also remains high as somatic cell count is lower in Fleckvieh Crossbred Cows. Dairy farmers milking Fleckvieh crosses consistently report a 30 to 40% reduction in cell count on crossbred cows.