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High Proof Bulls – Milking Fleckvieh – Crossbreeding

In German there is a saying – ‘Diese Kuh ist gepraegt’ – it means that cow is ‘marked’.  I have had the opportunity to take many people to Germany with me since we have started to work with Fleckvieh…..and every so often some bulls are just so predictable and repeatable in what they do…..they ‘mark’ their progeny.  I can recommend these bulls on virtually any herd as they are just so predictable.  It only comes with high proof values.  We strive to produce high quality progeny for our clients…..high proof bulls allow us to do this.

There is the option to choose a sire on high powered pedigrees and we have become aware that certain bloodlines and combinations of breeding work well when crossbreeding. Some sires create superior heterosis results, others seem to be only average. We have seen it also with bulls offered by Creative Genetics of Californian.